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Walk in the Woods Walk in the Woods

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Kinda made me wanna fly in my pants too xD. I love the Rhino muahahah! Great flash man, love the animation.

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Space Mutants From Space Space Mutants From Space

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Read Me

Guys, stop voting zero on this game unless you've actually played it. If you had read the author's comments, you would know it's not their fault the game is currently down right now. If you're really desperate to play, go to his website.

As for the game, very nice graphics and smooth effects. You brought back the space invaders, but gave it cooler weaponries against them aliens. Keep up the great work!

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Mario-Combat Mario-Combat

Rated 4 / 5 stars


hey william, it's not a glitch. bowser does stop shooting his fire balls eventually.

Great game. I love the whole fighting style to mario instead of jumping on monster's heads. 5/5, but 8/10 because I look forward to a sequel with some possible additions and changes:
1)it is very difficult to change mario's direction while he is fighting
2)add more monsters
3)add upgrades like flying capes and fire balls
4)add a possible leveling system
5)make it longer!
6)add difficulty levels
7)longer chain combos
8)better background music

Keep it up!

Bloons Tower Defense 3 Bloons Tower Defense 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Never get tire

I love your bloon tower defenses no matter how repetitive it is. I reached level 61 on easy and couldve gone higher, but at that point, the spam of balloons and tacks lagged the image so much, the balloons manage to float by without getting shot at.

Wanna know how I did it? Let's just say if you look at my screen, it is very tactical.

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NG Ep #2 Demo NG Ep #2 Demo

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Please Finish


-[ Blueprint ]- -[ Blueprint ]-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You're done

Besides making the drums in the intro come in faster (I think around 35-45 would be nice), this song is pretty much complete. I love the wah wah wah sound in the intro and the synth combo at the end. Your transitions are pretty nice too.

Keep it up!

Your Eyes - F-777 Your Eyes - F-777

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Have people lost common sense?

Flame war on: It bothers me so much that people are bringing down your score because they're bored of your style and genre. Well, if you feel like a change, why don't you go listen to someone else or even better, a different genre? Why does Jesse have to change for you? Are you some special royal from a nuclear nation where we have to oblige to your every whims? If I listen to some Chopin, then I expect a distinctive Romantic piano masterpiece. He wrote mostly piano pieces because he was not only good at it, but enjoyed writing piano pieces. I'm not going to bad mouthed him because I want him to write some Beethoven-style symphonies or something farfetched, like invent punk rock. Would you complain Tiesto is boring cause he only writes hard hitting trance music? Apple is boring cause it's always a fruit? Breathing is boring cause air is always following a pattern of in and out? All electronic music has their similarities, just as any other genres. If you're going to say this is crap cause it is repetitive, has a pattern of bass and snares, has sidechains, and sound electronic. Well you might as well say rock is crap for always having guitar. Modern RnB is crap for always singing about drugs, booze, and sex. Pop is crap for singing about love, or even just plain singing.

My point is, if you're going to listen to Jesse's music, then review accordingly based on his style and the quality of the music. Interjecting your own nonsensical bored feelings completely wipes your validity and makes you look like a plain jackass. I put all artists under the same scrutiny, big or small. Frankly, I enjoy Jesse's music and give him high remarks because his productions are wonderful and enjoyable. Not because he's popular.

All you haters just continue blaming, 0-bombing, and writing immature reviews. Just don't regret it when Jesse or any other artists you decide to hate on stop producing music.


F-777 responds:

Well i wouldn't whine about it =). Most people
who complain about stuff like that have only
heard some of my songs and havn't followed
my history =).

Thanks for the awesome review dude =).

And i do agree i see advice like "You need to change
your style" or "write a different genre" to be
a pushed oppinion on me as an artist rather
then a review on my actual music.

Thanks so much dude!!

P.S. ill never stop making music cause of other
people =). i could stop posting them or making
public but ill always write music cause thats what
i love to do =).